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Where Reason and Spirituality Meet

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton is a creed-free congregation of open-minded individuals and families who believe in the worth and dignity of every person and the interdependence of all existence.

Service starts at 10 AM Sundays, generally runs about an hour and is followed by coffee, snacks and conversation.

We are located on Route 50 (Ocean Gateway) in Easton, across from the Easton High School athletic fields.

Please feel welcome to visit us whether you are passing through the Eastern Shore, moving to the area or have lived here all your life. We are a supportive group of diverse individuals who share a common need for a caring community and a place in which we may freely and openly explore our spirituality and share our humanity.


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July & August Newsletter

August Sermons

August 3rd Giving Back

What specifically happens psychologically, physically, and emotionally when acts of generosity are performed, and what are the qualities that make it so positive for healthy aging? Janet Pfeffer will lead this service August 10th Buddhism From the Inside Chris Shoyu is a Buddhist Monk (and son of UUFE member Beth Hansen). He will lead the service and share with us his understanding and experiences of Buddhism.

August 17th Not Walking Alone

Drawing on humanist teachings, literature, and some unlikely sources of common inspira-tion, Sadie Lansdale will lead us in exploring the outer edges of our spiritual questions. Who or what is with us in the hardest times? Sadie is a poet, teacher, Unitarian Universalist, and activist originally from Bethesda. She is starting seminary at Union Theological Seminary in September.

August 24th When I Say, “God,” What I Mean Is...

Do you ever feel pressure to declare your belief (or your disbelief) in God? What is the nature of this God you believe in (or don’t believe in)? Rev. Sue Browning will share her continually evolving sense of God and explore the challenges of expressing what is holy in our lives.

August 31st The Language of Right Relations

On this Labor Day weekend, we will explore the language used in our business, personal, and social lives that leads to right relations and better communication. Debbie Simpers will lead the service.

Rev. Sue Browning



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