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Where Reason and Spirituality Meet

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton is a creed-free congregation of open-minded individuals and families who believe in the worth and dignity of every person and the interdependence of all existence.

Service starts at 10 AM Sundays, generally runs about an hour and is followed by coffee, snacks and conversation.

We are located on Route 50 (Ocean Gateway) in Easton, across from the Easton High School athletic fields.

Please feel welcome to visit us whether you are passing through the Eastern Shore, moving to the area or have lived here all your life. We are a supportive group of diverse individuals who share a common need for a caring community and a place in which we may freely and openly explore our spirituality and share our humanity.

Unitarian Universalism promotes a free and responsible search for truth and meaning and its members are unified by our shared search for spiritual growth.

Our principles include:

  • The inherent worth and dignity of every person
  • Justice, equity and compassion in human relations
  • Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations
  • A free and responsible search for truth and meaning
  • The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large
  • The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all
  • Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part


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March Sermons

3/1 -­ Fire of Commitment

We are humbled and honored when we are noticed for being ourselves. We want to belong and to sense our belonging matters. At the kickoff to our annual financial stewardship campaign, Rev. Sue Browning will explore the joy of belonging that is made real when we make commitments grounded in love. Join us for this special service of homecoming, blessing, and welcome. The choir will sing. This will be an energizing service, followed by coffee and light snacks. Our goal: 100 adults and children in the sanctuary as we open the service! Please come and be part of this special morning of celebration!

3/8 -­ Cherishing Diversity

What does it mean to “cherish diversity?” How do Unitarians actively practice the cherishing of diversity and embracing the idea of difference? How can the broad spectrum of possibility, opened when defining “diversity,” be funneled into its being cherished? Sue Loweree will take a thoughtful look at this poignant piece of our covenant in these times of terrorists and religious fanatics.

3/15 -­ To Bow and To Bend

How does our fourth principle, the free and responsible search for truth and meaning, teach us how to bend and not to break? We welcome back seminarian and service leader Sadie Lansdate, who will explore the role of uncertainty and spiritual practice in communal and individual resilience.

3/22 – Melding Our Challenges, Melding Our Gifts

We sometimes wonder, ‘Will I have enough?’ We some--- times ask this and look inward. We sometimes forget to look out. Rev. Sue Browning will consider what is around us and beyond us that might help us answer this question. UUFE’s guests for this service will be the Bell Choir from Arlington, Virginia. Thirteen ringers and the dire tor will offer music and inspiration throughout the service.

3/29 —- As Time Goes By

We’ll reflect on evolving cultural attitudes and the realities and myths of aging. “How shall I live?” is a question for every stage of life. Who we are now shapes how we meet the challenges and rewards of aging. Nancy Orr will lead the service.

Rev. Sue Browning


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