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Where Reason and Spirituality Meet

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton is a creed-free congregation of open-minded individuals and families who believe in the worth and dignity of every person and the interdependence of all existence.

Service starts at 10 AM Sundays, generally runs about an hour and is followed by coffee, snacks and conversation.

We are located on Route 50 (Ocean Gateway) in Easton, across from the Easton High School athletic fields.

Please feel welcome to visit us whether you are passing through the Eastern Shore, moving to the area or have lived here all your life. We are a supportive group of diverse individuals who share a common need for a caring community and a place in which we may freely and openly explore our spirituality and share our humanity.


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September Newsletter

September Sermons

Sept 7th One promise at a time

At our first service of the year, we open our doors and hearts wide in welcome and celebration. We’ll consider how each year promises build upon promises as we build and sustain our religious community. Join Rev. Sue Browning for our annual ingathering service, including the water communion service. The choir will sing.

Sept 14th Resonance and Harmony

Resonance and harmony are important concepts in physical systems but can be applied to our lives as well. Resonance tells us about ourselves, and harmony tells us about our interactions—of all sorts. John Turner will lead the service and give the sermon.

Sept 21st Loving Our Imperfect Natures

Do you ever begin your Monday morning with a litany of promises—to eat better, to exercise more, to be a better neighbor, and maybe even to read that classic novel that’s gathering dust—and then arrive at Friday feeling like you’ve fallen short? Do we, at times, overpromise and overstrive? Rev. Sue Browning will explore the promises and expectations we hold for ourselves and others. The choir will sing. Outreach Collection Sept 21: Aguayuda. Make checks out to Aguayuda with Hand washing in the memo line. This is a tax-deductible contribution.

Sept 28th Theodore Parker: Outcast Hero

“Theodore Parker: Outcast Hero” is a sermon written by Helen Lutton Cohen about the inspiration, enlightenment, and joy of learning as seen through Parker’s eyes. Debbie Simpers will read Ms. Cohen’s sermon and lead the service.

Rev. Sue Browning



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