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Where Reason and Spirituality Meet

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton is a creed-free congregation of open-minded individuals and families who believe in the worth and dignity of every person and the interdependence of all existence.

Service starts at 10 AM Sundays, generally runs about an hour and is followed by coffee, snacks and conversation.

We are located on Route 50 (Ocean Gateway) in Easton, across from the Easton High School athletic fields.

Please feel welcome to visit us whether you are passing through the Eastern Shore, moving to the area or have lived here all your life. We are a supportive group of diverse individuals who share a common need for a caring community and a place in which we may freely and openly explore our spirituality and share our humanity.


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January Sermons

January 4th - To Rock the Boat, or Not?

At times do you know what is right, yet find yourself reluctant to act accordingly? It is one thing to challenge the status quo in conversation and debate; it's another to be ready to live in a fundamentally changed society. Rev. Sue Browning will consider past struggles of UU leaders to align their beliefs and action on matters of racial justice and ask, What can we learn? The choir will sing.

January 11th - Making Meaning

A traditional Jewish saying goes, “Why were human beings created? Because God loves stories.” Each of us has stories that are meaningful to us, that have helped to form who we are. In this week’s sermon, guest UU minister Amy Williams Clark will reflect upon how our own personal stories and the stories we hold dear help us to bring meaning to and negotiate our world.

January 18th – What Might Rev. King Ask Us Today?

If Rev. Martin Luther King visited Maryland's Eastern Shore in 2015 what might he witness? Where might he find hope? Where might he have questions or concerns? Rev. Sue Browning will consider how Martin Luther King Day is an annual chance to hold up a mirror and ask how what progress we have made this past year. The choir will sing. Special collection for Phillips Wharf Environmental Center.

January 25th – Goin' on an Interdependent Journey

Members of the 'Roots to Wings' class will share insights they gained from sharing their spiritual beliefs, experiences, and understanding of others’ faiths. Class members will lead the service.

Rev. Sue Browning



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